Up to this time we have not spoken about Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned, the third book in the LaRosa Chronicles series. Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned  is a Mystery set in a fictional town in western Massachusetts. Before I tell you about the story I’ll tell you how it links to Father Sandro’s Money and Time Has A Way.

If you read my previous Blog, LaRosa Chronicles, Connecting the Stories: Connection 1, Dated: 10/29/09, you know what Father Sandro’s Money and Time Has A Way are about and how they are loosely connected through Emma LaRosa. Those of you who have read Time Has A Way know that Emma meets Julie Spencer and the older and younger generations inspire each other to be all they can. Emma helps Julie get back with her mother, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is the main character in Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned. Elizabeth is a forty-year-old housewife, who goes back to her home town to solve the mystery of why her ten-year-old playmate drowned thirty years earlier.

This is the only story, so far, that I’ve told in the first person. It will keep you white knuckled with excitement!

Keep coming back to get connections and facts about all the books in the LaRosa Chronicles. And, don’t hesitate to ask if there is something specific you would like to know.

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