Yesterday, Saturday, November 14, 2009 we were signing books at the 27th Annual Holiday Craft Fair held at Thorntons Ferry Elementary School, Merrimack, NH. This was the first year we have participated at this holiday fund raiser for the Parents and Teachers for Thorntons Ferry. Thanks to the Parents, Teachers and Friends of the Thorntons Ferry Elementary School it will not be our last!

Our dear friend, Christi, who we originally met through our sponsoring Merrimack Youth Baseball, came to purchase another book for her lovely daughter, Meagan. Christi and Meagan we appreciate your continued support and friendship! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Dozens of new readers purchased one or more books of the LaRosa Chronicles, for themselves and as gifts! To name a few: Coleen, Eva, Naomi, Kathy (from BAE Systems), Anne, Cindy B., Cindy W., Kathie, Sue (Merrimack teacher), Lauren, Heidi, Janis, Sarah, Kathy (and son John), Linda Cotter (who had the incredible Craft table beside us-also from BAE Systems). To you all, and to all those whose names are missing, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! 

Literally hundreds of people were introduced to the LaRosa Chronicles for the first time at this event, which is what it’s all about. Many of you are visiting my Blog and Website for the first time right now! And I am confident you will like what you find.

I look forward to our seeing many of you who are in and around New Hampshire in the next couple of events before the holidays. And I hope to hear from many others we have met from out of the local area by email. Please visit the Blog and Website often to find out the many new happenings!

Here I am with Linda Cotter, a new reader and a wonderful crafter! (11/14/09)

Remember, an autographed book, personalized to the person of your choice, is a unique and very special gift!

Thanks for all the wonderful support!