In addition to the fantastic event in Stratham this past weekend we also attended three Birthday Parties. We celebrated with Christina, Sal Jr’s significant other; Christopher, Sal Jr’s oldest son (sixteen); and with Dominic, Cynthia’s youngest (his sister was on the 11/09/09 Blog with her sweet-sixteen).

Christina and Christopher are shown below in a cell phone photo. I’ll have to put Dominic on tomorrow, after Sal uploads a picture from his camera.

We have Thanksgiving weekend off, thankfully (no pun intended), after having events and birthdays for the last three weekends. Then two more weekend events before we break until after the New Year. These last two events will make eight in the last ten weeks!

I’ll talk about the next two events, in Milford, NH and Manchester, NH after Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, continue to email if you want to purchase books directly.

Christina and Christopher (11/21/09)