The 16th Annual Winter Holiday Stroll in Nashua was the best ever! Last year the attendance was just under 30,000 and I believe this year must have been over 30,000. Our first visit to this event in 1993 was fun, but disappointing; it started with a candle light walk, but after the lighting of the tree you couldn’t even buy a cup of hot chocolate. Every year since has been better and better.

This year we were right behind the fire engine carrying Santa (11/28/09)

Our sixteen year old granddaughter, Rhianna Marie, went with Sal and me to the event.

Here I am with Rhianna (11/28/09)

Here I am with Sal (11/28/09)

This is the view from behind the fire truck. We sang carols all the way uptown to where the tree is located. (11/28/09)

At Railroad Square we stopped to light the tree.

This is what it was like to look back downtown at a sea of people!

It was like watching a holiday movie; everyone was in spirit and having fun.

Here is Santa lighting the tree (11/28/09)

Nashua New Hampshire’s energy efficient LED lit Christmas Tree (11/28/09)

Rhianna thought she was too old to have her picture taken in front of the tree, but we didn’t (11/28/09)

A few minutes later our son, JR (Sal Jr), his girlfriend, Christina, and our daughter, Joy, found us (11/28/09)

Then Rhianna thought it was okay to pose with the girls (11/28/09)

There were many incredible Ice Sculptures.

This wolf looks like Mickey Blue Eyes begging for a cookie! (11/28/09)

This bear looks about the size of the visitor we had early this month. (11/28/09)

Here are just a few of the many others. (11/28/09)

What a wonderful time we had!

Back to work tomorrow.