When you read my previous Blog, LaRosa Chronicles, Connecting the Stories: Connection 1, Dated: 10/29/09, you learned that Father Sandro’s Money and Time Has A Way are loosely connected through Emma LaRosa. Emma and Julie are the main characters in Time Has A Way.

And when you read the Blog, LaRosa Chronicles, Connecting the Stories – Connection 2 – Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned , Dated 11/03/09, you learned in Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned that Elizabeth, who is the main character is Julie’s mother.

The next book in the LaRosa Chronicles is Candy-colored Clown, an Action/Suspense set in Cohasset, MA. The main characters are Julie and her husband Ken Waters. Click on any of the Hyperlinked text to see more about each story.

Keep coming back to get connections and facts about all the books in the LaRosa Chronicles. And, don’t hesitate to ask if there is something specific you would like to know.

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