We are very excited to be speaking at the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, in Manchester, NH, on January 25, 2010. Sal and I have been looking forward to this special honor since we were asked!

A Sisterhood of Irish and Irish-American, Catholic Women, The Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians is a National organization officially recognized in Omaha, Nebraska in 1894 as the “Daughters of Erin.” In 1906, the name was changed to “Ladies Auxiliary to the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America”. In 1984, the Ladies voted to change their name to “The Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians.” In 2004 they were officially incorporated on their own as Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, Inc. I suggest you check out their fascinating history. I will be sure that KATHLEEN (working title) holds  true to their ideals.

I underestimated what it would take to revise FATHER SANDRO’S MONEY. I have been working at it for a week now and have six of the thirty-two chapters reworked. In that time one of the three editors reading SUMMER AND AUGUST has completed her revisions and the other two will soon follow.

My primary goal is the release of SUMMER AND AUGUST for May 30, 2010 and I will break away from my work on FSM to complete the final-final edit and move on to the recording of the audio master. So, although it seems a ways from getting there, we must focus on the release of the print and Audio CD versions of SUMMER AND AUGUST. What will then most likely follow is the release of SUMMER AND AUGUST for Kindle (and maybe also Nook).

I was optimistic to think I would breeze right through FSM and have it on Kindle this month. It will need to done as fill in work and most likely will not hit Kindle until after SUMMER AND AUGUST.