We had a busy four-day weekend, starting with two days of promotion on Cape Cod for SUMMER AND AUGUST! It was great seeing Eric and Mel at Yellow Umbrella Books, the folks at the Cranberry Inn and those at the Chatham Coffee Company! And, of course, Marty, whose friendship and hospitality make it difficult to come home.

We saw the proof for the full-page May advertisement in Along Route 28 for Yellow Umbrella Books. Wow! It is a great ad, with Debra Lawless, William Martin and K Spirito featured!

There has already been a posting on Best-of-cape-cod.com. And there are many articles, interviews and reviews coming in May!

Every phase of this “job” is fun and different. I go from being a recluse, trying to sift through ideas and bring them out on the pages I write, to people and cameras and microphones, which I was never to fond of, but have met many wonderful people as a result of! Every facet is exciting, especially seeing previous readers and hearing what they have to say, plus meeting new readers who are just discovering LaRosa Chronicles!

We are distributing the pre-publication, numbered copies many of you reserved. More new people have joined our readership during this phase than with any previous book and most who had numbers from earlier books have kept their numbers with SUMMER AND AUGUST! Some buying many copies for friends.

You can only get numbered copies directly through my website at:

Online Ordering With PayPal or Credit Card

or order through the mail by printing the form located at:

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But only if  you  order SUMMER AND AUGUST  prior to May 30, 2010.

Many thanks to the incredible response for SUMMER AND AUGUST!