We sold our books this past Saturday & Sunday, September 18th & 19th at the Cracker Barrel Fair in Wrentham, MA, with 20% of all sales going to the Wrentham Developmental Center, on behalf of The Friends of Wrentham.

Our sincere thanks to all the bodacious folks who took the opportunity to purchase my books, while at the same time help this wonderful cause.

The Wrentham Developmental Center is only one of three such state-run institutions for people with developmental disabilities in New England. They need our assistance to continue providing care for those in need. The Friends of Wrentham make a difference!

This incredible event, sponsored by The Friends of Wrentham, was not only a great time, but a great fundraiser.

Here are some pictures:

Our next-door neighbor at the event for two years, Claude and his rock wall provided a lot of fun for kids of all ages!

This was our view looking East.

My location was the blue canopy top with no side walls, behind the 4H sailor holding the shark-pony.

This was another of the 4H contestants.

I was lead to believe this Red Sox player was not very tall?

I guess I was wrong!

More of the action.

A closer look.

We’ll be back there next year; you should too!
Next year’s dates are Sept 15, 16,17, & 18. The Cracker Barrel Fair is located on the grounds of the Center; 131 Emerald St, Wrentham, MA.
There is something there for everyone!

Tomorrow I’ll post the next few events.

Amazon.com continues selling e-books for Kindle; sales have been great! Thanks to all of you spreading the word!
And to all of you buying the books on Kindle.

Five books of the LaRosa Chronicles now available as e-books on Kindle: CANDY-COLORED CLOWN; Spiderling, Piscatagua; Summer And August; And Father Sandro’s Money. The remaining two books should be on sale in the next month or two. I’ll keep you posted.

A Snowy Day Distribution & Publishing is working to make the books available for Nook; the Barnes & Noble e-book reader and the Sony reader. You will know when it happens.