We had an encore event at the Manchester, NH Barnes & Noble Booksellers this past Friday, December 10, 2010 and once again our fans were wonderful and supportive. Our thanks to Karen and Claire for hosting this event!

This coming Saturday, December 18, 2010 will be the last event for 2010. As incredible as the response to Summer And August has been I am truly humbled by our returning to the Barnes & Noble Booksellers in Salem, NH for our third time for Summer And August this Saturday! Sincere thanks to Mary Ellen for asking us back!

On a more serious note, all of the success for Summer And August has been wonderful, but overshadowed during the past couple of months because of the heartbreaking journey our four-year-old godchild, Beth, has been on.

Mid October, during a routine exam, Beth’s Doctor  found a suspicious enlargement in her abdomen.  A CT at CHAD four days later confirmed renal tumor and lesions on both lungs.  

After one operation and both Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments during the past two months, Beth now faces more surgery to remove lesions on her lungs. Please keep Beth in your thoughts and prayers.