Sal and I hope you had the Merriest Christmas, the Happiest Holidays, and that you all have the best year ever in 2011!

Sal and I are thankful to all of you who made 2010 the best business year ever for my books and made A Snowy Day Distribution & Publishing have an amazing first year in business!

This week we have a couple of book club events. One in a private residence and one at the Barnes & Noble Salem store, which has been incredible to us! Sincerest of thanks to Mary Ellen for her hosting us three times last year and for hosting the upcoming Windham Book Club event!

I’ve been working on a re-write of YESTERDAY, TOMMY GRAY DROWNED. It’s the only book not yet available on Nook and Kindle, because we lost the electronic copy several years back. And I couldn’t see just typing in the existing content, since I believe my writing style has grown in the ten years since it was written. When it’s done we will publish it for Kindle and Nook and also re-publish it in print through A Snowy Day Distribution & Publishing.

I have more going on, but will save it for another day. I will get more postings done in 2011 than the last half of 2010. At least that’s my plan!

Visit my blog at for the first notice of anything happening with Sal and me.

Talk to you soon!