I have always been a history buff. I love to browse through microfilm of old newspapers, especially at the Boston Public Library.
I note down human interest articles and weave them into my fiction. This keeps a reality peg in my stories.

I was born and raised in New England. Born in Burlington, VT and my family moved to Manchaug, MA (near Sutton, MA) while I was very young.
We moved to Lowell, MA in my senior year and I graduated from Lowell High School. 

My husband, Sal, and I later traveled throughout the United States. We lived in California for six years and Kentucky for four, but came back to New England between and after!
We have also traveled to Canada, Mexico, England and Germany.

I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree from Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire and an Associate in Arts for Interpreting for the Deaf from Los Angeles Pierce College in California.
(reference http://www.kspirito.com/about.html for more info about my background)

Sal and I enjoy traveling, in-line skating, sailing (see picture below, taken in Boston Harbor), kayaking, and Mexican Train dominoes.