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We had a wonderful Christmas and hope you did too!

Make this a safe and fun New Year’s Eve and visit this blog and/or my website after the 1st to see what we have going in 2011.

Thanks to all who helped to make  2010 an incredible success for Summer And August, A Cape Cod Murder Mystery!

Remember, six of my books are available on Nook and Kindle!

In the three months now that  I have been Blogging daily (with exception of a day here and there) we have had a  remarkable number of views! Certainly much more than I had ever anticipated. This has translated into 2009 being my biggest year of sales ever; without having a new release in 2009. The many new readers this year have caused sales of all six of my released titles to flourish. I am very grateful for the wonderful expansion in readership. My most sincere thanks to all of you for your support!!! has certainly proven to be an unparalleled method of reaching out to friends and readers! …And to introduce a multitude of new readers to K Spirito!  Each and every one of you have made 2009 my best year ever. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Sal and I wish to all of you that 2010 be your very best year!