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Sal and I hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

We shared ours with our children and grandchildren, which is enough to give thanks for, but we also were able to celebrate the 17th birthday of our grandson, Christopher!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving was the 17th Annual Winter Holiday Stroll, in Nashua, NH!. Sal & I have participated every year since it started!

The following Saturday was the Spirit of the Season Christmas Parade, in Manchester, NH. Mickey Blue Eyes, Sal & I marched with the Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter. We handed out hundreds of candy-canes and homemade dog biscuits that Holly made. There were around a dozen dogs participating and everyone’s dogs were well behaved. We had an incredible time! This parade will be the 1st Saturday in December at 4:00pm again next year.

Here are just a few pictures…

Christopher blowing out the candles of his birthday cake, with his uncle  and cousin in the background.

There were over eighty groups in the Manchester, NH Parade. We marched with the Friends of the Manchester Animal Shelter. The Duhaime family carried the banner.

Here is Mickey Blue Eyes, anxious to go!

Here is Mickey Blue Eyes, around the halfway point. We were behind the NH Roller Derby group.

We stopped numerous times, for Mickey Blue Eyes to greet children along the route. She had a great time! And a great night’s sleep!


Our Thanksgiving was great. We hope yours was too.

We had too much to eat, as planned. We visited and the children played.

Here I am with Sal Jr as he’s checking out the bird. He did a great job!

Here’s the guest of honor. He didn’t look like that for long.

Here’s Zoey enjoying our Thanksgiving toast. (The children toasted with sparkling cider so no one was left out of the toast)

We had a wonderful day!


Before each Thanksgiving Dinner we all hold hands around the table and each of us (usually 20 or more) say what we are thankful for. When you have all four of your children, each of their significant others and all eight grandchildren, plus any friends who are not able to be with their families on this day, in one room together that says it all!

Another wonderful thing to be thankful for happen yesterday; we re-connected with an exchange student from Japan who spent her senior year with us in 1986 and then returned to Japan. Candy is married, since 1990, to a U.S. Navy man she met in Japan, living with her husband and two children in San Diego. We hope to never lose touch again!

May all of you have something special to be thankful for this coming Thanksgiving Day!