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We had a great year in 2012 and are passing on our thanks with special low pricing on all books at my website!

Also, visit to see what we’ve been doing with some other talented authors.

We have four events in the next five weeks! Email me at to find out about these four and more!


PS Check out to find out what else we’ve been doing. And to read about some Great New Authors we have published!
…and two more that will be published by Christmas. (My books and their books will make great presents)

We’re looking forward to returning to two events in October 2012, that we have participated in before.
eMail me at to find out more about these and other events planned for the remainder of 2012.

Check out to find out what else we’ve been doing.
And to read about some Great New Authors we have had the pleasure to publish!

I know I’ve been quiet for a while, but much has been going on.

I have been working with some authors through A Snowy Day Distribution & Publishing, so be sure to visit to see some other books Sal & I have been publishing!

However, some of my “works in progress” are still progressing well, so keep checking in for notice of new books on the horizon. 🙂

I’m back and preparing for a new season of events which will include many of our favorite venues. Cape Cod and Yellow Umbrella Books is on the list as well as some new stops near and far from home!

Our sincere thanks for continuing to make each year better than all previous years in many ways! Bok sales continue to be great and eBook sales continue to grow! All seven of my books are available in print as well as on Kindle and Nook!

Keep coming back. I promise to post news regularly. K

This Saturday,  June 26, 2010 from 1:00 to 4:00 PM I will be signing SUMMER AND AUGUST, A Capr Cod Murder Mystery at our favorite book store in western Massachusetts; Booklovers’ Gourmet, 55 East Main Street, Webster, MA.

We look forward to seeing many old friends and making many new friends at this well publicized event. Will I see you there?

We attended the Franklin Pierce University Boston, MA Chapter Alumni Association Network and Social; held at the Rattlesnake Lounge on Boylston Street in Boston this past Thursday. It was another wonderful event, with many Boston area Alumni and some of us from New Hampshire also.

Here is Laurie Alden; Alumni Chapter and Events Manager, coordinating with one of the staff at the Rattlesnake Lounge.

Here is Shirley English-Whitman; Alumni Relations Director, with Lindsay Sheldon, Keene ’08.

Here is Joyce (Loughlin) Bastille; Massachusetts Chapter Coordinator, with Brian Nichols, Rindge ’09.

Here is Jim Little, ’87 with Shirley.

Here are Matt Fedorka; Rindge ’10 and Josh Poisson; Rindge ’07

Here are Brian, Laurie and Andrew Rosenthal; Rindge ’99.

Here is Joe Davis; Rindge ’89 and Andrew.

Here are Laurie, Matt and Shirley.

Here are Joyce, Josh and Steve Menard; Rindge ’07.

Here are Joe and Andrew.

Here is a group shot (with no flash).

Before the event Sal and I walked through the Boston Public Garden and saw a swan nesting.

Here she is, with her mate keeping watch from the water.

Here is another picture, with her male duck bodyguards surrounding her.

Another view, showing how many duck bodyguards she has!

Her mate came over to show off.

And here is a picture taken after the event, with the two swans on the nest together.

Finally, a couple of pictures of George Washington aglow!

Next time I will post some pictures taken at Castle Island, in South Boston, from earlier this same day!

We’re getting closer and closer to full release of SUMMER AND AUGUST! The book will be available in print everywhere by early June! ( is taking orders now) We’ll have it on CD by the end of May. And by the May 30 publication date, SUMMER AND AUGUST will be available on Kindle.

We continue to distribute pre-publication, numbered copies, but only if  you  order SUMMER AND AUGUST  prior to May 30, 2010. From that point on no numbers will be distributed.

You can only get numbered copies directly through my website at:

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or order through the mail by printing the form located at:

Mail Ordering With Check

Many thanks to all, for the incredible response for SUMMER AND AUGUST!



Tomorrow I’ll post event dates not yet shown on my website.

We had a busy four-day weekend, starting with two days of promotion on Cape Cod for SUMMER AND AUGUST! It was great seeing Eric and Mel at Yellow Umbrella Books, the folks at the Cranberry Inn and those at the Chatham Coffee Company! And, of course, Marty, whose friendship and hospitality make it difficult to come home.

We saw the proof for the full-page May advertisement in Along Route 28 for Yellow Umbrella Books. Wow! It is a great ad, with Debra Lawless, William Martin and K Spirito featured!

There has already been a posting on And there are many articles, interviews and reviews coming in May!

Every phase of this “job” is fun and different. I go from being a recluse, trying to sift through ideas and bring them out on the pages I write, to people and cameras and microphones, which I was never to fond of, but have met many wonderful people as a result of! Every facet is exciting, especially seeing previous readers and hearing what they have to say, plus meeting new readers who are just discovering LaRosa Chronicles!

We are distributing the pre-publication, numbered copies many of you reserved. More new people have joined our readership during this phase than with any previous book and most who had numbers from earlier books have kept their numbers with SUMMER AND AUGUST! Some buying many copies for friends.

You can only get numbered copies directly through my website at:

Online Ordering With PayPal or Credit Card

or order through the mail by printing the form located at:

Mail Ordering With Check

But only if  you  order SUMMER AND AUGUST  prior to May 30, 2010.

Many thanks to the incredible response for SUMMER AND AUGUST!


After you read my previous Blog, LaRosa Chronicles, Connecting the Stories – Connection 6 Dated: 12/17/09 you are up to date with the connections between the first six published novels in the LaRosa Chronicles. Plus, you have the connection to Summer And August, A LaRosa Chronicles Murder Mystery set in Chatham, which will be released in May 2010.

The next connection goes bask in time to a character you meet in  Father Sandro’s Money, the very first LaRosa Chronicles story. Kathleen, the pretty Irish love of Armand LaRosa’s life, travels to the far Western Massachusetts town of Adams, after Armand’s tragic death, to raise her two children in peace and safety.

This is scheduled for 2011, and is currently the story that is screaming to come out. Kathleen is the working title of this story, but most of the working titles change as stories develop.

You’re going to really enjoy another totally unique style of presentation with this story.