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This time of year we have a big push to have many small get-togethers, so we can share gifts with all our dear friends and loved ones who we may not see on Christmas day.

Last night began the mini Christmas parties with our dear friends Carol and Don, and our three year old Godchild, Beth Alice.

We shared wonderful conversation, taking away from all the unpleasant things we each experienced during the day (I won’t get into each of our woes). We then all enjoyed a fine Mexican cuisine at Amigos Mexican Cantina, just off the circle in Milford, NH. (Only rivaled by their new location in Merrimack, NH.

After which we exchanged our Christmas gifts, and opened them, since we would not be together on Christmas. It was truly a wonderful evening with a small group (three) of friends and loved ones. And has set the bar for many more similar evenings ove the next two weeks.

I hope all your holiday happenings are as fine as ours started. My wish to each and every one of you is that you find the inner happiness you seek and share it with as many people as you can for the rest of this year.

Here’s our three year old Goddaughter, Beth Alice


The 16th Annual Winter Holiday Stroll in Nashua was the best ever! Last year the attendance was just under 30,000 and I believe this year must have been over 30,000. Our first visit to this event in 1993 was fun, but disappointing; it started with a candle light walk, but after the lighting of the tree you couldn’t even buy a cup of hot chocolate. Every year since has been better and better.

This year we were right behind the fire engine carrying Santa (11/28/09)

Our sixteen year old granddaughter, Rhianna Marie, went with Sal and me to the event.

Here I am with Rhianna (11/28/09)

Here I am with Sal (11/28/09)

This is the view from behind the fire truck. We sang carols all the way uptown to where the tree is located. (11/28/09)

At Railroad Square we stopped to light the tree.

This is what it was like to look back downtown at a sea of people!

It was like watching a holiday movie; everyone was in spirit and having fun.

Here is Santa lighting the tree (11/28/09)

Nashua New Hampshire’s energy efficient LED lit Christmas Tree (11/28/09)

Rhianna thought she was too old to have her picture taken in front of the tree, but we didn’t (11/28/09)

A few minutes later our son, JR (Sal Jr), his girlfriend, Christina, and our daughter, Joy, found us (11/28/09)

Then Rhianna thought it was okay to pose with the girls (11/28/09)

There were many incredible Ice Sculptures.

This wolf looks like Mickey Blue Eyes begging for a cookie! (11/28/09)

This bear looks about the size of the visitor we had early this month. (11/28/09)

Here are just a few of the many others. (11/28/09)

What a wonderful time we had!

Back to work tomorrow.