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Last night we were finally able to return home after being without power from around 11:00 PM on February 25, 2010. Our power came back on around 4:15 PM on March 2, 2010. Our electric company had 269,000 customers without power as a result of an incredible wind storm that came through last Thursday evening. As of just 2:25 AM this morning the number of outages has been reduced to 1,706. That’s a lot of trees and poles and wires fixed in five days. Our thanks to the many local and visiting crews who worked very long days to restore power to our State.

After working feverishly since the first of the year, we continued our fun weekend of socialization by having lunch at the Black Forest Restaurant in Amherst, NH on Saturday with our long-time dear friends Don and Carol and their daughter (our Godchild) Beth Alice.

The food was great and the company was better!

Here is Beth being the little charmer she always is! (02-20-10)

Here are Carol and Don, but didn’t Beth want to be left out (02-20-10)

Here is an Amaryllis Don and Carol gave us at Christmas. The incredible thing is that this is she second time it is flowering with four blossoms!

After spending Saturday night with our daughter Cynthia, her husband Mich, and our grandchildren Rhianna and Dominic we continued our weekend of socialization with a lunch date at the Weathervane Restaurant with our son Jeremy and his wife Trish.

Here are Jeremy and Trish (02-21-10)

After such a wonderful weekend it’s back to work this morning!

We are very excited to be speaking at the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, in Manchester, NH, on January 25, 2010. Sal and I have been looking forward to this special honor since we were asked!

A Sisterhood of Irish and Irish-American, Catholic Women, The Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians is a National organization officially recognized in Omaha, Nebraska in 1894 as the “Daughters of Erin.” In 1906, the name was changed to “Ladies Auxiliary to the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America”. In 1984, the Ladies voted to change their name to “The Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians.” In 2004 they were officially incorporated on their own as Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, Inc. I suggest you check out their fascinating history. I will be sure that KATHLEEN (working title) holds  true to their ideals.

I underestimated what it would take to revise FATHER SANDRO’S MONEY. I have been working at it for a week now and have six of the thirty-two chapters reworked. In that time one of the three editors reading SUMMER AND AUGUST has completed her revisions and the other two will soon follow.

My primary goal is the release of SUMMER AND AUGUST for May 30, 2010 and I will break away from my work on FSM to complete the final-final edit and move on to the recording of the audio master. So, although it seems a ways from getting there, we must focus on the release of the print and Audio CD versions of SUMMER AND AUGUST. What will then most likely follow is the release of SUMMER AND AUGUST for Kindle (and maybe also Nook).

I was optimistic to think I would breeze right through FSM and have it on Kindle this month. It will need to done as fill in work and most likely will not hit Kindle until after SUMMER AND AUGUST.

The holiday and birthday fun are done and despite the impact of the economy on all of us I think a hard-candy Christmas here and there makes prosperity better appreciated.

I’m finishing up the final editing on SUMMER AND AUGUST and truly believe I will start recording next week.

We’re entering another new phase of publishing, as FATHER SANDRO’S MONEY will be available on Kindle within the next week or two. The rest will soon follow.

In two weeks we will attend our first event of 2010. I was invited to speak at the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, in Manchester, NH, on January 25, 2010. Sal and I are looking forward to this special honor!

After all the holiday and birthday fun I’m back to work on the final editing of SUMMER AND AUGUST.

Some authors “send people out” to do their research. I find that to be my education time. I learn much more than what I’m looking for when I do research; and it always provides material for other works in progress.

Some authors “wash their hands” of the final editing process. It truly is not my favorite step in the process, but I take pride in evaluating the recommendations of my final editors and being the one to put the finishing touches on the work.

I guess what I’m saying is that each step along the way has it’s challenges and rewards and I enjoy them all. Mostly I enjoy the feedback from all of you when the work reaches the release stage, but not until it’s the best it can be. I should be starting to record the audio master soon!

In the three months now that  I have been Blogging daily (with exception of a day here and there) we have had a  remarkable number of views! Certainly much more than I had ever anticipated. This has translated into 2009 being my biggest year of sales ever; without having a new release in 2009. The many new readers this year have caused sales of all six of my released titles to flourish. I am very grateful for the wonderful expansion in readership. My most sincere thanks to all of you for your support!!! has certainly proven to be an unparalleled method of reaching out to friends and readers! …And to introduce a multitude of new readers to K Spirito!  Each and every one of you have made 2009 my best year ever. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Sal and I wish to all of you that 2010 be your very best year!

Yesterday we had our last two birthday parties for 2009, combined in one! Marissa celebrated her 7th Birthday while her brother, Maverick celebrated his 1st (a few days early.
We had so much fun I had to post these pictures.

Marissa was a lady, as usual…

Enjoying her cake and ice-cream.

While Maverick did what a one-year-old should do!

After opening presents we read from a book, given to Marissa by Uncle JR…

Marissa and I had so much fun her sister, Zoey, joined in!

Monday morning I went to the McGreal Sight Center, in Concord, NH, and donated CDs and cassettes of several of my books to the NH Association for the Blind. Wow! What a special facility! The first vision rehabilitation center in New Hampshire (dedicated in 1998).

The New Hampshire Association for the Blind, founded in 1912,  provides services in virtually every community statewide, as well as at the McGreal Sight Center in Concord. They are the statewide leader in providing vision rehabilitation services for New Hampshire people of all ages who are blind and visually impaired.

I had an awesome tour of the center and met: George-President & CEO; Marcia-Executive Assistant; Joyce-Client Services Assistant; Glenn- Orientation & Mobility Specialist; Jane-Donor Records and Mail Program Manager; and Nancy-Development Associate.

Visit their website: and find out the many services they provide for the vision impaired. One thing that was mentioned during my visit is that in June they are having a walk-a-thon. Sal and I are planning to participate.

After you read my previous Blog, LaRosa Chronicles, Connecting the Stories – Connection 6 Dated: 12/17/09 you are up to date with the connections between the first six published novels in the LaRosa Chronicles. Plus, you have the connection to Summer And August, A LaRosa Chronicles Murder Mystery set in Chatham, which will be released in May 2010.

The next connection goes bask in time to a character you meet in  Father Sandro’s Money, the very first LaRosa Chronicles story. Kathleen, the pretty Irish love of Armand LaRosa’s life, travels to the far Western Massachusetts town of Adams, after Armand’s tragic death, to raise her two children in peace and safety.

This is scheduled for 2011, and is currently the story that is screaming to come out. Kathleen is the working title of this story, but most of the working titles change as stories develop.

You’re going to really enjoy another totally unique style of presentation with this story.

For the next week my Blog will be brief. A simple greeting to special friends and family members. You never know whose picture might come up!

Today is the birthday of a dear friend, Debra Lawless.
Happy Birthday Debra!

Debra is the author of CHATHAM in the JAZZ AGE. Debra is a reporter for The Cape Cod Chronicle and she investigates five prominent residents of Chatham, MA (Cape Cod) and reveals their contribution to putting Chatham on the map as a national tourist destination. It’s a really great read! And Debra is working on the sequel and says it’s going well. Personally, I can’t wait!

I am fortunate that Debra is also a character in Summer And August, A LaRosa Chronicles Murder Mystery set in Chatham.

Here I am with Debra and Sal, on the porch of The Cranberry Inn, in Chatham. The Cranberry Inn is also a setting in Summer And August.