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This coming Saturday, November 07, 2009 I will be signing books at the annual “Quality” Craft Fair held at St. Elizabeth Seton Church in Bedford, NH. This is the seventh consecutive year we have participated at their holiday fund raiser. We have made many friends and many new readers through this venue. This is our neighborhood church and it has an incredible, flourishing parish and is a valuable asset to the community.

If you’re anywhere near Bedford, NH we would love to see you! Also, it really is a great Craft Fair, if you are looking for gift ideas.

Personalized, autographed books make great gifts! ūüôā
I will have all six titles with me!

Today Sal and I delivered a draft of SUMMER AND AUGUST  to Lisa, owner of Book Ink Editing. Cynthia (my daughter-Blogging advisor) completed her edits. If you are writing a book and want professional editing services visit Book Ink Editing at: and check out her services and testimonials!

This is Lisa and her beautiful family, except husband Aaron:
Lisa, Victoria and Vince (11/03/09)

On another subject: Sal and I had a visitor the other night. Whatever or whoever it was strong enough to bend over a heavy iron bird feeder on the lawn. …And another similar, but deck-mounted feeder! We ran a security camera in the area of the lawn feeder the last two nights, but no action yet. We believe the strength needed to bend these rods would have required an animal over 100 pounds! We’ll let you know when the creature returns!

Up to this time we have not spoken about Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned, the third book in the LaRosa Chronicles series. Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned¬† is a Mystery set in a fictional town in western Massachusetts. Before I tell you about the story I’ll tell you how it links to Father Sandro’s Money and Time Has A Way.

If you read my previous Blog, LaRosa Chronicles, Connecting the Stories: Connection¬†1, Dated: 10/29/09, you know what Father Sandro’s Money and Time Has A Way are about and how they are loosely connected through Emma LaRosa. Those of you who have read Time Has A Way know that Emma meets Julie Spencer and the older and younger generations inspire each other to be all they can. Emma helps Julie get back with her mother, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is the main character in Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned. Elizabeth is a forty-year-old housewife, who goes back to her home town to solve the mystery of why her ten-year-old playmate drowned thirty years earlier.

This is the only story, so far, that I’ve told in the first person. It will keep you white knuckled with excitement!

Keep coming back to get connections and facts about all the books in the LaRosa Chronicles. And, don’t hesitate to ask if there is something specific you would like to know.

Tomorrow you get to meet my professional editor and dear friend, Lisa, owner of Book Ink Editing,  A very highly regarded editor!

Our congratulations to our friends Linda and Tim on the arrival of their Grandson, Noah Michael, born Monday, October 26, 2009, at 12:39 am, weighing 8 lbs 8 oz and 20 1/2 inches tall!

Linda has prepared a great work of love for Noah Michael, a scrapbook containing his and his mom’s pictures during mom’s pregnancy; and including his ultrasound pictures!
mommy's pride
 Noah Michael (10/26/09)

On another subject, Jackie, a dear friend of ours for many decades, is a member of  The New England Voices In Harmony, who will be on New Hampshire Chronicles, WMUR NH Channel 9, on Friday, November 6, 2009.
See more at: Friday November 6th: Voices In Harmony

Wow! It’s now only three weeks that ¬†I have been Blogging daily (excluding a day here and there) and I continue to be flattered at the tremendous growth in readership. Sincere thanks to all of you for your support!!!

This was the only weekend without an event in a span of six weeks. We had the event at Booklovers’ Gourmet, in Webster, MA two weeks ago;¬†and the event at The Toadstool Bookshops, in Keene, NH last weekend. Last night was¬†Cynthia’s Halloween Party, which was once again¬†a very fun evening!

The next three weeks we have events in Bedford, NH (our home town), Merrimack, NH (the home town of our business), and Stratham, NH. Three straight weekends to open the month of November, to balance with eight Birthdays of friends and family members this month; which includes our two oldest grandchildren turning sixteen years old!  What fun!

Father Sandro’s Money, an Historical Fiction, ¬†is the first published story in the LaRosa Chronicles, but was the third complete novel I wrote. Two other novels sat on my shelf, because I wanted this story to be¬†read first.

¬†Time Has A Way , an Inspirational Fiction, started out as a five page ¬†assignment in a writing class at Franklin Pierce University.¬†Professor Gary Baker encouraged me to “Expand” and write for publication. This became the first novel completed, but the third published.

Yesterday, Tommy Gray Drowned, a Mystery, was the second novel I wrote, but sat on the shelf until I worked out what was ultimately to be a series, loosely connected with a thread of characters. After publishing Father Sandro’s Money I re-wrote this¬†to connect the characters to the LaRosa Chronicles. It was the second published, but is third chronologically. And the only one, to date, to be done in the first person.

To be continued,

Let me know what you think about the change in appearance in the header.

In an earlier Blog titled: Visiting Keene, NH on Saturday, October 24, 2009 at¬†2:00pm , Dated: 10/20/09, I gave you a brief summary of the 1st book in the LaRosa Chronicles series, Father Sandro’s Money. Clicking on the title will bring you to the summary page on my website, from there you can also read Chapter 1 of this book.

In another earlier Blog titled: Book Signing in Webster, MA , Dated: 10/15/09,  I gave you a brief summary of the 2nd book in the LaRosa Chronicles series, Time Has A Way. Clicking on this title will bring you to the summary page on my website, from there you can also read Chapter 1 of this book.

For those of you who have not read both of these books, I’ll tell you how the two¬†loosely connect together. One of the eight LaRosa children you meet in¬† Father Sandro’s Money is Seth LaRosa; he is eight years old when you first meet him. Over the thirty years this Historical Fiction encompasses he grows up, meets and marries Emma. Emma LaRosa is the main character in Time Has A Way, which starts 52 years after Emma and Seth marry!

I’ll connect the next book in a future Blog.

Our daughter, Cynthia’s favorite holiday has always been Halloween. Last year she had the biggest party ever for adults and her children’s friends. Costumes were mandatory! At several previous parties Sal and I wore the same costumes and Cynthia was complaining when we told them we would wear them again. All along we planned these really great ghost costumes, including our wearing hats under the sheets, so we would appear taller. We were going to wear white gloves and shoe/leg coverings, so there would be no chance of being recognized. We even planned on refusing to speak.

The evening of the party came, which was Trick or Treat night in our town and after our area was quiet we headed over to the party. We called on our cell phone to tell Cynthia that we still had people coming and we would be another hour or so, when we were parked right next door.

We went in their yard, where several adults and children were hanging out because of the crowd inside and no one could figure out who we were. After a while our Granddaughter and a few of her friends were discussing how some of their classmates were talking about crashing the party and started giving us the third degree. We refused to talk. They came at each of us trying to lift off our sheets and we fought them off for a while before being overcome and discovered, much to their shock.

We still kid around about being beaten up by our granddaughter and her girl friends! It was the best Halloween ever!

For another unbelievable Halloween story, that just happened this morning visit Cynthia’s Blog:

Do you have a Halloween story you would like to share?
We would love to hear it!

When we were on the way to The Toadstool Bookshops in Keene, NH for the book signing we stopped at The Toadstool Bookshops in Peterborough, NH to say hello to Willard, the owner of the three stores. (The other is in Milford, NH)

I asked Sal to take a picture of us…

K Spirito & Willard (10/24/09)

Willard has supported us from the beginning.
Willard, we thank you so-so much!
We look forward to visiting all three of The Toadstool Bookshops in the spring, after the release of SUMMER AND AUGUST.

See more at: 

I’ve had Chapter 1 on the website for a while, but we¬†updated it¬†today! So, even if you’ve read it already its changed.

We’re still going through the editing process. I just received the final few chapters back from my daughter, Cynthia, who has a very inspiring Blog for anyone who is trying, or is interested in trying, to lose weight.

See more at:

Our sincere thanks to Don (below) for hosting another fine event at the Toadstool Bookshops, Keene, NH location. This has always been a great bookstore, located in this beautifully restored Colony Mill building. The atmosphere is bodacious.

We saw many old friends and met many new friends on October 24th. It was especially wonderful talking with Kristen, Joan,¬†Cheryl and Diana. It’s especially fulfilling for me when I can help inspire someone who has wanted to write to put some time aside and pursue their true desire.

Sal and I will be returning to The Toadstool Bookshops in Keene in the spring, after the release of SUMMER AND AUGUST, a Murder/Mystery set on Cape Cod. (see more at ) But, I very much look forward to hearing from all of you sooner than that, as you read my books and start writing your own!

Don and me at The Toadstool Bookshops, Keene, NH (04/04/09)

(I simply had to include a couple of additional pictures!)

Cheryl and me at The Toadstool Bookshops, Keene, NH (10-24-09)

Diana and me at The Toadstool Bookshops, Keene, NH (10-24-09)

I recommend you visit this exceptional Independent Bookseller when in or around Keene, NH. (see more, including The Toadstool Bookshops other two locations at )