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Everyone says that “You must have a Blog!” so, here I am.

I’m K Spirito and I’m a New Hampshire author with six published works of fiction set in New England.
I will provide information about my work, where I will be, and where I have been. This has been a busy year and I’ll share my excitement with you. You can also find out more at But unlike my web page, where about once per week I update my “Author Notes” column I will be able to say more. And have a new medium to communicate directly with my readers, those of you who are thinking about becoming readers, ad those of you who are simply curious.

To start with I’ll give you a summary of where I have been this year. In future comments I will give more details. My sixth book, PISCATAGUA, came out early this year and we have visited seven conventional book stores (two more book store visits coming in October). Also I have been featured on two (one hour long) radio programs and one TV program this year. My husband, Sal, and I were guest speakers at a Vocational Technical school and we sold books at a Fair, with all profits going to a development Center.

There is no end to where we have been over the years! It’s been a blast and I’ll share some of the fun with you through this blog.

I guess that’s enough to start with, but there’s lots more to share.
Be back soon,